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Full service movers vs self service movers:

A full service mover is the conventional method of moving. Right from packing every article, furniture and appliance in the original location, loading all of it into a truck or container, transporting this truck to the destination and unpacking all of the customer's belongings back to how it originally was is undertaken.

Basically, full service movers are useful for:

  • Elderly people
  • Families
  • Small firms
  • When the suite of furniture is difficult for the customer to handle himself/herself.

The full service mover is obviously a costlier option. Everything will be relocated and set up for the customer to the point that he/she will not feel the burden of moving at all. Apart from this, most of the full service movers are veterans at the job, hence the customer is exempted from unnecessary nervousness while moving. It is a convenient method of moving and should definitely be considered if the person(s) falls into any of the categories mentioned above. Apart from the higher cost, another drawback is that the staffs of the full service mover handle all of the customer's belongings. Mishandling and pocketing maybe prevalent if the company employed is not trustworthy.

Nowadays, the number of people moving is increasing. People are equipping themselves with reduced number of furniture, appliances etc. Thus when such customers intend to move, packing and unpacking is not an issue but the problem maybe the transport. For this, self service movers provide transport for the customer, preventing the customer from a exhausting drive. Self service movers are more frequently used nowadays and are suitable for:

  • Bachelors with minimal furniture
  • People who are transferred frequently
  • Large firms who have their own staffs for performing manual labor

Self service movers work in a very simple manner, at the time of moving they deliver boxes/crates and a truck/container at the originating location about two days in advance. The customer must pack his belongings into the boxes and place them in the truck. The company trucker drives the truck to the destination where the customer must unpack all his belongings by himself/herself. The user pays for the transport and space used in the truck. There is also no need of any insurance as the customer regulates the packing. Hence, Self service movers are cheaper and suitable for those mentioned above.

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